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up the nerve to tell her. After Dwight boasts that he does not waste any time at work, Jim carries around a stopwatch to keep track of any time not spent on work related activity. "Garage Sale Michael debates proposing to Holly, only to learn she wants to move home to Denver to take care of her elderly parents. Knives in the filing cabinet (labeled under. When Toby pushes forward a notice about PDA's to everyone (in a veiled move to spite Jim and Pam's then-secret relationship Angela announces out loud that she has never been involved with anyone at work in any capacity. Black Best Friend : Subverted. Hide Your Pregnancy Angela Kinsey (who plays Angela Martin) had a baby in May 2008, forcing the writers to do this. Jim's wedding proposal is done in the rain at a gas station after he and Pam drive to meet each other midway between Scranton and New York. Planking in the cold open at the start of season. Wreak havoc on our plumbing.

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Put 100 percent pure coupon code on a Bus : Roy, Karen, Jan, Charles, David, Gabe, Holly, Michael, Jo, Robert California and Kelly all leave the show before its conclusion. As Utz is a Lancover PA based company whose products are largly distributed in the NY/NJ/WV/Penn area, this is realistic for a Scranton PA workplace. Lampshade Hanging / Medium Awareness : Well, of course, given that this is supposed to be a documentary. Pam : (in talking heads) One thing I learned from watching Tournament Poker at two in the morning: you don't play your cards, you play your opponent. When Jim and Pam are revealed to be dating, Dwight bluntly states in his interview, "I don't see. Now, though, all their dreams of going beyond Dunder-Mifflin have gone, and it's been hinted many times that Jim is following Michael's path to management despite his apathy for a career in paper. It seems like there's going to be a Christmas party without any crazy drama this time. Gratuitous French : When tagging along to the Winnipeg business trip, Andy brushes up on his French which he practices profusely before leaving.

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accidental wine company coupon code