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different attorney. As a leader in the movement to help children learn life-long health and fitness habits, the Kids Fit Foundation strives to raise awareness and develop programs that educate, empower and inspire kids to become and stay fit. Oliver North appears in a few episodes (two in the first season) as himself. McKee had actually suffered a miscarriage, and the child was their commanding officer's, rather than Pendry's. Admiral Chegwidden, while a part of his daughter Francesca's life, wishes that he was there for her more than he was.

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Mac : Red light, commander. Idiot Ball : In the season 5 episode "Drop Zone Mac grabs hold. Now more than ever. Refuge in Audacity : In "Iron Coffin" Mac, while on a US sub, must convince a Russian submarine captain the super-new missile they are about to test fire is faulty and will come back to hit them. In the season four episode "Innocence Harm first thinks that hes made a deal with the Japanese prosecutor who smiled and bowed in a friendly manner. Drives Like Crazy : One episode a young ensign from Jersey played by Sarah Silverman, who absolutely tears across base in a Humvee, hardly ever looking at the road, rambling monterey deals coupons on about whatever comes to mind, and generally terrifying poor Bud and even making Harm. Roland Sims : Well, a small yacht. Police are Useless : The marine provost marshall in "Brig Break" is outwitted by Harm. Episode 200, in addition to promoting Petty Officer Jennifer Coates to Petty Officer 1st Class, even showed a what-if scenario where Cmdr. Right-Wing Militia Fanatic : In "Brig Break" the Gunnery Sergeant in charge of the brig uses a right wing militia group as a decoy to keep base security busy while he steals nuclear weapons for Saddam Hussein 's Iraq. Show Within a Show : In season 4's "War Stories Admiral Chegwidden while on leave gets persuaded by a Hollywood producer to act as technical advisor on the movie Fields of Gold which is a navy-themed action adventure with a court-martial. Stereotype Flip :.D.